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Hi! You've reached the Frisby page. The reason I set up this page was to focus on a genealogy search I'm doing for the names FRISBY, GREWCOCK, CHARTERS and WHETSTONE of Leicestershire, England. But my other interests include gardening, creative writing, reading and teaching and tutoring ESL, so I've also included links for these subjects. I'll wait for your feedback at Happy browsing!

For FRISBY genealogy click here

For GREWCOCK genealogy click here

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For professionally-assisted research on FRISBY and TIMMS and for contact information for my genealogical researcher, click here

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My Snazzy List of Genealogy Links

Ancestry World Tree
Helps locate ancestry quickly, but has a limited data base
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
Very complete list with lots of links
Family Tree Maker Online: Genealogy How-To
Family Genealogy On-Line
Andrew Tratz's site provides links to other families, particular ethnicities and geographical sites, and other resources.
GenConnect: Connecting Families Through Genealogy
Genuki Home Page
Invaluable for searches in the British Isles
Guild of One-Name Studies
The Guys of Bottesford, Leicestershire and Associated Families
Excellent site with interesting links
Leicester and Rutland Family History Society
Relatively Speaking
Fine site with lots of interesting links but takes a loooong time to download! Start downloading, then go and mow the lawn - but worth it - AND you'll have the lawn mowed!
Roots Web Genealogical Data Cooperative
Very useful, as it covers most areas of the world.
WorldGenWeb - Table of Contents
Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit
A great way to get started, and useful for building any home page.
International Internet Genealogical Society
Yahoo's Links to Genealogy sites
A mind-boggling list of links for all levels and interests
Look for "Frisbee-Frisbie" by Edward S. Frisbye D.D.
Family Tree Climbers
A very friendly site with good potential. The more input they receive, the better the site will be.
Steeljam Genealogy
A great site for folks investigating English genealogy. Connections to parish registry offices, maps of English counties, and much more. Definitely worth a good browse.
The Moneymaker Family Tree
Don't be deceived....even if you have no "Moneymaker" relatives, this site has an awesome series of connections and information. It's very viewer friendly and displays a very "human" aspect.
The Wells Genealogy Page
Stephen has a good list of links for those researching genealogy in the U.K.

Useful Links for Creative Writers and ESL tutors

Inkspot: Writing resources, newsletter for writers
The newletter concentrates mainly on articles of interest to free-lancers, although there's often something of interest to fiction writers as well.
Novel Advice - Devoted totally to the craft of writing
The Internet Writing Journal - Writers Write
Garbl's Writing Resources On Line
" annotated directory of many useful web sites focusing on English language, grammar, style, writing, usage, words, reference sources, word play ...."
Dave's ESL Cafe
An ESL teacher and/or tutor's dream site. Lots of variety.
The Learning Center of Vanier College, St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
I've added this link partly because this is where I tutor, and partly because it's a site set up and maintained by students, and is, I think, a good example of a Learning Centre site.
A few examples of my autobiographical anecdotes which concern family and my travels (the latter can be accessed directly from the next link)......
Tales from India and Pakistan


The Garden Web
Check out the forums - you can get fast, personalized feedback on any garden problem
Ville de Saint-Laurent
Welcome to my home town! Take the tour!
3D Atlas Online Home
One could spend hours at this site. Check out the "Cultural World on the Web" section.
Free ... on the Web
My interest here is self-explanatory, I presume.
Yahoo!Canada - Regional:Countries:Canada:Indices
If you're visiting the site from outside Canada, you might enjoy browsing around some of these sites. Two quite interesting ones are "A Tribute to Canada" and "Oh Canada!"
My Reading List
My favorite and least favorite books