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Living as I do in cooool Montreal, I find gardening more of a challenge than when I lived in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where I was born and raised. Not only is the growing season fairly short, but our soil is unremitting clay, and a good deal of my garden is in shade. I've come to love the shade gardens, but amending the "soil" (read "clay") is a constant battle, and we have to pick our plants carefully in this climate - only the hardy survive! I've come very recently to the lovely idea of garden "rooms," and my first attempt is a Japanese garden room, which, when viewed as it usually is from my veranda, has created a space of extraordinary tranquility. Of course, once the seed is planted, other ideas for other "rooms" pop into one's head, as well as refinements on the present plan. Please send me your suggestions!

My Japanese garden room


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