Welcome to a roomful of nostalgia. Each link below will lead you to a short anecdote. Most of these concern my family. Others are more personal - well, they're all personal. You're free to use any of them, or any part of them, for personal use. If you are using a substantial part of any sketch in a published document, please give credit. The sketches may not be downloaded in full or in large part for publishing without permission.Thank-you for your cooperation. Enjoy!

Family Memories

Grandad's Present
My Grandfather Frisby was a gentle man as well as a gentleman. Read about his gift to me.
Of Roses and Nasturtiums
I was lucky to have both my grandmothers as major forces in my life until I was a young woman. Their gardening styles revealed more than a little about each of them.
What the War Meant To Me
My father, Lieut. John Henry Whetstone Frisby, was killed in W.W.11 in Villanova, Italy on December 27th,1944. But I was just a little girl, and was quite unaware of such profundities.
Changes over the years in the way Halloween is and has been celebrated
Our wonderful neighbourhood

Tales From Abroad

Tales from Pakistan and India
These are stories I wrote about two years I spent in India and Pakistan

Sandra Frisby
1855 chemin Laval
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