Between 1963 and 1965 I lived just outside the town of Khulna in what was at that time East Pakistan, where I taught school. During my two years on the subcontinent, I had the opportunity to travel extensively, both in West Pakistan and in India. I have recorded some of my experiences in a series of little stories, which I hope you will enjoy!

Tales from Pakistan

The story of a friend
Food for Thought
The story of a wonderful meal shared with a friend in the bazaar in Peshawar
The Khyber Pass
The story of a trip through the Khyber Pass to the border of Afghanistan
Pictures of Pakistan
This is not a story, but a wonderful array of pictures of all aspects of life in Pakistan

Tales from India

Grand Hotel
A story about a hotel where I often stayed in Calcutta
Photographs from Darjeeling
-self-explanatory, I guess
The Misadventure
The story of a colorful if disastrous trip to the Ellora Caves outside of Aurangabad
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