Who amongst you, pray thee tell,

Knew old Joseph Grewcock well?

And what news of the other brothers?

And sisters, cousins, fathers, mothers?

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My FRISBYs were related to the GREWCOCKS by marriage: my great-grandfather, Henry FRISBY, married Mary-Ann GREWCOCK on October 13, 1866. Mary-Ann died February 12, 1904 at the age of 66.

  • Mary-Ann had two brother, Joseph and Whetstone. Whetstone lived at Claybrooke Hall and had three daughters, Mable, Marion and Janet, who never married. To see the photo of Claybrooke Hall, click here.
  • Mary-Ann's other brother was named WHETSTONE, which is a name that became one of both my grandfather's and my father's.
  • A number of Grewcocks are listed in "White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of the Counties of Leicester and Rutland (1877)," as the GREWCOCKS were a prominent Barwell family.
  • The Grewcocks that are listed in White's as Barwell residents are CHARLES, GEORGE and THOMAS (market gardeners and WILLIAM (butcher and farmer.)
  • Tim Arguile has sent me some fascinating information concerning the GREWCOCKS of Barwell. It seems that one Grewcock was a partner in a factory with an ancestor of Tim's -Factories in Barwell Arguile, Grewcock and Ward - High Street 'Nazzy' Grewcock - Arthur Street
  • And this next courtesy of Tim as well - "Barwell was a place which abounded in nicknames, practically all families were identified by their nicknames. The Grewcock families were as follows: Nedles, Drummer, Teddus, Tarris, Ludy, Fletcher, Monkey, Cabby and of course Nazzy.
  • If you have information to add about the GREWCOCKS, I will add all relevant contribution to my page to share with other researchers.
  • You can send me the information in one of two ways:and leave a message in the guest book.

A big thanks to all!

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