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Dione Coumbe, my kind researcher, came across an entry in the index "British Genealogical Periodicals Vol. 3, Miscellania Genealogica et Heraldia Vol. 3. Pt. 2 - Families." This referred to the "Families of Frisby and Timms," of Leicestershire. 3rd. Series 3, 1900, pp. 5-6. It was about a Frisby family at Ashby-de-la-Zouch and concerned a Family Bible and its entries. Dione tells me that the Miscellania Genealogica et Heraldia dates from the late 1800's/early 1900's and runs to about forty volumes. It is a homogeneous collection of random information which the numerous contributors collected with no apparent definitive boundaries. Entries refer to practically any written document of any kind. As far as Dione knows, there's only one full set in existence today and they are at the Institute in Canterbury. Here are the entries (with the original spellings):


Manuscript entries in a black-letter Bible printed by the deputies of Christopher Barker 1597 and 1598, in the possession of J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A.

Jeremiah Mansfeeld His Booke Nouember 1655

Elizabeth Timms the wife of John Timms Died on Friday ye 26 of March About 9 of Clock in the Morning In 1773 Aged 54

Thomas Frisby Borne July ye 21 At 8 a Clock in the Evening being Saberth Day in ye yere of our Lord 1723

William ffrisby Borne December ye 24 (sic) at 2 a Clock in the afternoon Being Crismus Day in ye yere of our Lord 1725. (This entry has been crossed out)

Charles Frisby Borne May ye 10 Betwixt 8 & 9 a Clock in the Morning in the yere of our Lord 1726

January ye 30, 1728, Jane Frisby Borne about nine a Clock

September ye 30, 1730, Saroah Frisby Borne at 12 a Clock

November ye 11: 1734: Mary Frisby Borne about 12 a Clock at night

William Frisby Borne June the 11th (1737) About One a clock in the Morning.

John Timms was baptiz'd in february ye 18: 1718.

All the above entries were by mistake bleached out when the volume was bound. The following duplicate entries, which show some differences, still remain on another page:-

Thomas Frisby Born July ye 21th att 8 a clock in the Evening being Saberth day in ye yere of our Lord 1723.

Charles Frisby Born May ye 10th Betwixt 8 & 9 a Clock in the Morning In the yere of our Lord 1725 (sic).

January ye30: 1728 Jane Frisby Borne about nine a Clock

September ye 30: 1730 Fris'y Borne

November ye 11: 1734 Mary Frisby Borne About 12 a Clock at night.

Willm Frisby Borne June ye 11: 1737 in the Morning Betwixt 3 & 4 of the Clock (sic)

Barnobebrite L.D. Lona.....(cut off)

This book came from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, co. Leicester, and from the Parish Registers there it appears that on December 14th, 1773, a certain John Timms married Elizabeth Chapman, who was a daughter of Thomas Chapman of that place, Gent., by Mary his wife, daughter of Robert Shaw of The Common, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, gent.


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